Tuesday News

Vol. 19, Issue 29
March 19, 2019


Bethlehem competed in the KML Forensics Competition last Tuesday. Thank you to the students who put their time and energy (and nerves) on the line to perform their pieces in front of the many spectators! Everyone did an excellent job using their gift of speech to honor Jesus. Congratulations to everyone!

From 5th Grade…

– Playacting – Abigail Kutz, Reese Mucha, Erika Schmandt, Michael Schultz, Kayleigh Setzer (1st place & silver)
– Prose – Isaac Collyard (1st place)
– Prose – Kirsten Schopper (2nd place)
– Prose – Natalie Nolte (2nd place)
                        From 6th Grade…
Playacting – Eliana Geiger, Maddie Hatton, Kayla Knaak, Cora Sloan, Madysen Wierschem (1st place & bronze)

                      From 7th Grade…

– Poetry – Katelyn Pfundtner (2nd place)

– Poetry – Julia Balza (2nd place)

– Prose – Ava Collyard (1st place & bronze medal)      

                From 8th Grade…

– Playacting – Lindsay Hatton, Megan Schultz, Kyra Schopper (1st place)

– Playacting – Whitney Bleick, Bella Gelhaar, Trinity Matthiessen, and Amayah Rodriguez (1st place & gold medal)    


Please take a moment to look over the Menomonee Falls and Germantown hot lunch calendar.  We have MANY spots to fill in and are hoping we have some parents will be willing to volunteers.  Germantown lunch volunteers times 10:45 A.M. – 1:00 P.M. and Menomonee Falls 11:30 A.M. – 1:00 P.M..  If you have never served hot lunch but would like to give it a try or if you are a returning volunteer and would like to pick up an extra day, please contact the school office. Thank you!!


If you plan to join in one of our many end of year field trips please be reminded that you need to attend a Volunteer Training Session.  If you have already gone to a training session you do not need to attend.  April 2nd  is the only time we will be offering this before the end of the year, please plan on attending.  The training session lasts 30 minutes and will be at 3:15 and 6:00 P.M. in Germantown. Thank you for your willingness to volunteer at BLS!


Parents, please see the attached form with information on volunteer opportunities for Team Olympics Day, Friday, May 17th in Germantown.  On that same form, we are also looking for important information from our Menomonee Falls/Milwaukee families concerning busing needs that day.  Thanks!


Please mark your calendars and save the date.  Our KML Music Fest performance will be on Friday, April 12th at KML.  We will be wearing a dark pair of pants and a nice shirt.  Watch the Tuesday news in the next few weeks for practice times and stage times.  I will let you know as soon as I am told the times. Plan on it taking about an hour from start to finish between practice and performance for the night.  Parents, please email me ASAP if you are having a conflict with that date, so I can plan accordingly. Thank you! Mrs. Strasser


All members of Bethlehem are cordially invited to head to the circus for “roaring” good performances of dangerous acts, crazy clowns, amazing elephants and spell binding tight rope acts!  You won’t want to miss children in grades 1-2 performing “Circus, Circus” on Friday, March 22nd at 6:30 P.M. in the Bethlehem North Campus gym.  The show is opened by the amazing kindergartners in song, and followed by all the fun at the circus. Bring a friend or neighbor to share in the fun!  

If you are unable to make it, the dress rehearsal will take place on Friday morning at 8:45 A.M.


Grade 4:  Thank you to the parent volunteers who gave up their day to assist us at BizTown last week. The students enjoyed learning putting their business and finance lessons into action.  Mrs. Scharp

We have the privilege of singing in church the Wednesday right after Spring Break, April 3. Church is at 6:45 P.M. in Menomonee Falls. We will be singing two different songs. Both of which have two parts, so we will need every voice possible.  Mrs. Schroeder and Mrs. Scharp

Please reserve the evening of May 22nd from 6:30-7:30 P.M. for our Passport to Wisconsin event in the Germantown gym. Feel free to invite family and friends to join us, but please realize this event will not have any seating available. It is a “standing and walking” event. The students received information on the project this week in case they wanted to start working on the project over Spring Break. More information to come in April. Feel free to  contact me with questions.   Mrs. Scharp


Grade 5:   Please see the attached note with information on DA.R.E. Graduation.   Thank you.


Grades 5 & 6:  The 5-6 grades have the privilege to sing praises tomorrow, Wednesday, March 20th, at the

6:45 P.M. Lenten service in Menomonee Falls. We will meet in the 6th grade classroom at 6:30 P.M. to warm up our voices. If you are unable to attend please send a note or email excusing your child. Hope to have all voices there to praise their Savior this Lenten season.   Mrs. Schopper and Mr. Voigt


Grade 8:  Eighth graders, please bring a clean, plastic milk carton to school as well as at least two cardboard toilet paper rolls. You will need this right after spring break.  Thank you, Mrs. Schopper


Gr. 5-8 Art:  The south campus is looking for donations of any extra cloth material as well as many newspapers.


Grades 1-8 LGP:  Looking for something to do over spring break?  Join us for the District Skating Event Tuesday, March 26 at Incredi-Roll (10928 W. Oklahoma Ave. This is a private event just for our group.) The time is 6:00-

8:00 P.M.; cost is $5.50 and is open to all Girl Pioneers, their families and friends.   See you there!


Track (Grades 5-8)

Information will be given in April.

Volunteer Sign Up