Tuesday News

Vol. 18, Issue 36
May 15, 2018


Last week was “Staff Appreciation Week” at Bethlehem.  The faculty/staff were showered with creativity, kindness and generosity.  We enjoyed a delicious breakfast, lunch and many treats during the week. We know that many helped in this effort with time, talent, and treasure.  Sincerely, we say “Thank You.”


Bethlehem will be recognizing the service of four retiring Lutheran Elementary School teachers who served at Bethlehem at the time of their retirement:  Jeanne Moldenhauer, Sue Ratzburg, Patti Alsch and Karla Matter.  The event will be held after our 10:30 A.M. service on Sunday, June 3, 2018.  This service will recognize the teachers and will be followed by a lunch.

Some members have asked about how they could give a personal remembrance to the teachers.  Attached to this Newsletter is a form that can be used for this purpose. A monetary gift given by a check made out to the individual teacher is also a possibility. A box marked “Teacher Retirement Gifts” will be place in the entryway to church (MF) and  gym (GT) for these donations. Thank you.

Hope to see you on June 3!


The following students received individual awards given out at their Band Awards Day, Friday, May 11.

Colt Band:  4,000 Minute Club:  Ashlynn Kionka, Eden Bleick      
Most Improved:  Ashlynn Kionka
Bronze Colts: Ashlynn Kionka
Silver Colts:  Eden Bleick
Maverick Band:  4,000 Minute Club: Bowen Wendt
Silver Maverick:  Bowen Wendt
Mustang Band:  4,000 Minute Club: Adeline Wendt, Kyra Schopper
Silver Mustang:  Adeline Wendt
Golden Mustang:  Kyra Schopper
Mustang of the Year:  Kyra Schopper


This Friday is our last Cousins Lunch for the school year!  Thank you to Sarah Egelseer for placing our order every month and Todd Pfundtner for picking up and delivering the sandwiches!

Also, Thank You to:
Tim Bleick for placing our Chick-fil-A order and Jeanine Schmandt for placing the Pizza Hut order!
Nicole Balza, Anne Henne, Monica Dall, Samantha Weissenborn and Lisa Wirkkula for serving the pizza and Chick-fil-A every month.  We appreciate ALL of your time you spend each month providing the kids with a fun lunch. They really look forward to these fun Friday’s!


Grades 1 and 4:  Please look for the final reminder about our trip to the zoo tomorrow.  All zoo chaperones should also look for a special note about our 8:30 A.M. meeting in the gym tomorrow morning before we leave.  Many thanks in advance to all the moms and dads who have volunteered to be chaperones. We couldn’t do it without you! The final “zoo” gathering for 1st and 4th graders will be held next Friday, May 25.  This gathering will be a hot dog lunch. 1st and 4th  graders only need to bring a lunch if they do not eat hot dogs. Mrs. Alsch and Dr. Ratzburg


Grade 3&4:  Sydney Wagner won a pizza party for the 3rd and 4th grade students of Mrs. Schroeder’s class. The students will have a slice to eat at lunch time on Monday the 21st.  Thanks Sydney! Mrs. Schroeder


Grade 4:  This is a regular week of homework.  The E flashcard quiz is next Monday. Please read the special field trip notes sent home today.


Grade 5:  Luke Wurtz has won a pizza party for the class.  Each student will receive 2 slices of pizza for lunch next week Monday, May 21st. Bring a lunch if you don’t like pizza! 🙂


Grade 5&6:

The 5-6 grade has the privilege to sing praises this Sunday, May 20th, at the 10:30 A.M. service in Menomonee Falls. We will meet in the 6th grade classroom at 10:15 A.M. to warm up our voices. If your child is unable to attend,  please send a note or email excusing them. Hope to have all voices there to praise their Savior.   Mr. Voigt and Mrs. Schopper



Lutheran State Track Meet

For those athletes that qualify, there is an opportunity to compete in an extra meet.  There is a cost involved. Information was given out last week. The deadline to let Mr. Wendt know if an athlete wants to go is Thursday morning.  Please include which events and the times and/or distances the athlete has achieved in those events.  Ask Mr. Wendt if you have questions.


Date                          Event                         Location                                Time             

Wed., May 16             KML Track Meet         at KML (no bus)                 3:30- 6:30?

Because the Tosa Meet was rescheduled for Monday, we will include the results in the Tues. News next week.

KML Track Meet

The KML Track meet is Wednesday.  An order of events has been handed out and put on the Athletic Calendar.

Notes:  There is no bus going to KML.  If the meet is postponed because of the rain, it will be held on Friday.  Field events will start at 3:30 P.M. and will only be open for 30 minutes or until the line is empty.  Running events will start at 4:10 P.M.

This year 5th and 6th Graders will be called “Colts” at the meet.  7th and 8th Graders will be called “Mustangs.”  There will be no 4x200m Relay.

Preliminary Fall Sports Sign-up

This week a form will be sent to students in grades 5-7 to see how much interest there is in soccer, volleyball, and cross country.  This is only to get the right number of coaches set for next year and make other decisions. Athletes can still change their minds.