The Bible is God’s true message.

It proclaims the law and Good News for all. This message not only gives a positive purpose for this life, but more importantly, it offers life eternal. Our purpose as a church and school is to work with parents in encouraging children in these truths. While developing trust in the Savior, we also seek to encourage the individual’s God-given abilities so children might walk in service to the Triune God.


We offer a Christ-centered, activity-based approach to early childhood education. It focuses on the well rounded development of the child’s spiritual, cognitive, social, physical, and emotional processes. A variety of experiences will be included: Brief periods of formal instruction (including Bible stories and devotions), structured and free play, social interaction and guidance, language activities, science, music, art, and field trips. We encourage Christian attitudes, lots of creative thinking, and building the child’s self-esteem as a redeemed child of God.

Preschool ApplicationPreschool Tuition Payment FormPreschool Informational Handout

Parent / Teacher Consultations

Now is the time to sign up for consultations with your child’s teacher.

Consultation times:
Wednesday, April 10   3:30-8:45pm
Thursday, April 11       8:00am-8:45pm
Friday, April 12      8:00-11:45am

Consultation Sign Up

K3 & K4 Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Linda Boxill

K3 & K4 Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Cheryl Herriges


Both members and non-members are welcome. However, Bethlehem members and those already in the 3-year old preschool will have one month (February) to enroll their children before non-members can enroll. Session preference will be given to applications in the order in which they are received. Bethlehem members are encouraged to send in their registration and first month’s tuition by February 28. Starting March 1, non-members may apply and have an equal opportunity (on a first come, first served basis) to enroll in any available session.


The monthly tuition cost for the 2019-’20 school year are as follows:
*For the two day a week 3 yr-old session (AM – 2 classes) – $120.00 per month
*For the three day a week 4 yr-old session (AM) – $160.00 per month
*For the five day a week 4 yr-old afternoon session – $260.00 per month
This payment is due before the first day of every month.

Admission is ensured when the completed  Preschool Application, Preschool Tuition Payment Form, first month’s tuition and the $25 supply fee are received by the school.

This means September’s tuition is paid with enrollment. Note: This “down payment” is non-refundable.


We can accommodate up to 20 children per 3 yr-old class and up to 27 children per 4 yr-old class. In the 4-yr class a qualified aide is required when 12 children are enrolled and two qualifed aides are required when 25 children are enrolled, and when 10 children are enrolled in the 3-yr class.


You are welcome to come and visit the current preschool classes at anytime. We encourage you to come and see the facility, meet the teacher(s), and get a feel for the class. Please call in advance to make sure the class is on site and not on a field trip!


We offer these sessions in Germantown:

3 year-olds:
Tuesday and Thursday mornings (8:30-11:15am) 2 classes

4 year-olds:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings (8:30-11:15am) 2 classes
Monday – Friday afternoons (12:15-3:00pm)

Child Care

Should you need child care outside of the times of the preschool session, our Germantown Campus does offer wrap around care for those in the preschool program. Please contact our Bethlehem Lutheran Child Care office at (262) 257-0408 for additional information. You may also email this office at with any questions you may have.


We also offer a free Sunday School session available for your child at both campuses on a weekly basis. This Sunday School takes place on Sunday mornings at 9:15am (at our Menomonee Falls/South campus) or 10:25am (at our Germantown/North campus). We realize that you may already have a church home where your child is enrolled in the Sunday School. If this is so, we do not wish to interfere. However, if this is not the case, we encourage you to take advantage of our program to the continuing benefit of your child. Bethlehem members are encouraged to bring their children to Sunday School as always. Preschool will concentrate on many areas, but Sunday School will concentrate only on the Word of God.


A more detailed letter will be sent out in early August to all enrollees after all the registrations have been received, If you have any questions, please call the child care/preschool office at (262) 257-0408.

Mr. Kevin Walker (ECM Director) or Mrs. Ruth Wisniewski (ECM Associate Director) would be happy to answer your preschool and child care questions.