Child Care FAQs

Q: Will my child be taught God’s Word while attending your center?

A: Yes. Our ultimate mission is to share the love and Word of Jesus Christ and therefore, Biblical principles as well as Bible stories are shared throughout the day in every classroom.

Q: How does scheduling work?

A: BLCC is open from 6am to 6pm. Children in the older classrooms (preschool and up) submit schedules on a month-to-month basis. Changes to this submitted schedule can be made up until the billing statement is prepared for that period of care. Children in the younger classrooms (Infants through Non-Potty Trained Three’s) will be asked to submit a consistent weekly or bi-weekly schedule during one of our Open Enrollment Periods. BLCC does not require any minimum number of care days per week in any of the classrooms. See the BLCC Parent Handbook which contains our Scheduling Policy for a full explanation of how this policy works.

Q: How does billing work?

A: Billing statements are prepared every two weeks for a two week period of care. Payment is electronically withdrawn on the following Friday. This bill covers the following two weeks of care (e.g. Billing statement is prepared on Jan 1st for care scheduled from 01/12-01/23. Payment is withdrawn the following Friday, Jan 9th.)

Q: Will I be credited for sick or missed days?

A: In the older classrooms, any change made to a schedule prior to the day which billing statements are will not result in any sort of penalty/lost days. If your child is sick or misses a day for some other reason which has already been paid for, that day will not be credited or refunded to you. The only exception to this would in the case of an extenuating circumstance as determined by the Director or Associate Director. In the younger classrooms, one credit day will be given for each Scheduling Period to be used for an unplanned absence. See the BLCC Parent Handbook which contains our Scheduling Policy for a full explanation of how this credit day works.  You will not be charged for days the Center is closed.

Q: What is your illness policy?

A: Children with illness symptoms as outlined in the Handbook (see page 7) are not allowed to be in attendance at BLCC. These symptoms include, but are not limited to, a fever of 100 degrees or higher, diarrhea three times in the course of a day, vomiting and contagious skin or eye infection. All children must be symptom free and fever free (unmedicated) for 24 hours prior to returning to care.

Q: Do you offer a hot lunch and/or milk program?

A: Hot Lunch is able to be ordered on a month-to-month basis for all children two-years of age and older. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks are provided for all children beyond the Toddler Room. These children are also offered water or juice during each snack time and water or milk during lunch.

Q: What does a child’s typical day consist of?

A: Children in the Infant Room are held to as close of the same schedule at home as possible. This schedule most often consists of age-appropriate activities, such as stroller rides, tummy time, exersaucer, etc. Older children (Toddler Room and up) begin their day with free play and welcome time. A mid-morning snack is given followed by playtime in the outdoor play yard, classroom or gym. Lunch is served and then followed by a nap after which play continues. The curriculum is worked in throughout this time which often includes rotating through different play stations, circle time, etc. Older Infants and Toddlers are provided whole milk as appropriate.

Q: What qualifications do your teachers have?

A: All of our teachers are fully First Aid and CPR certified. Our staff also consists of many Early Childhood Child Care Certified teachers and many state- or synod-certified teachers, all of whom are required to complete up to 25 hours of continuing education per year.

Q: Is your center state licensed?

A: No. However, we do follow many of the state licensing guidelines.

Q: How will you determine in which classroom by child will be placed?

A: Children attending BLCC are placed in rooms based primarily on development and secondarily on age. Our Infant Room serves children starting at 6-weeks up through 18-months. A child may be ready to move into our Toddler Room once he/she is independently walking and down to one nap/day. After turning two, a child will be moved to the next group along with his/her “peer group”, either at the beginning of the summer or school year session. Beyond this point, children will move to the next room according to bathroom independence and enrollment in preschool.

Q: Is there any registration fee? If so, how much is it and when will it be charged?

A: A registration fee of $65 per family will be charged at the beginning of each school year. An activity fee of $25 will be charged to the first child in each family and $15 to each additional child in the family at the beginning of each summer program. Since care and curriculum remain much the same during the summer as other months for Infants and Toddlers, children in these rooms are exempt from the summer activity fee.

Q: Is there a maximum amount of time per day that my child can be at your center?

A: No. We open at 6am and close at 6pm. Your child is welcome to be here for any length of time between those hours.

Q: Does your center follow any kind of curriculum?

A: Each summer and school year session follows a thematic curriculum developed by teachers among our staff. Each of our teachers then adjusts this curriculum appropriately to the age group to which he/she presents. Each month a common letter or letters, color, number and Bible story(ies) are learned in each classroom.

Q: What teacher to child ratios does your center keep?

A:  The goal ratios we keep in mind when scheduling staff for each room are as follows: Infants & Toddlers = 1:3, Two-Year-Old Classrooms = 1:4, Potty-Trained/Preschool Three-Year-Old Classrooms = 1:8,  Four-Year-Olds and School Age = 1:10.

Q: What type of discipline policy does your center use?

A: Discipline at BLCC is designed and carried out to help each child honor and obey the Lord and the elders in their lives, learn self-control, choose alternatives, identify feelings and develop an understanding and respect for the feelings of others. Under no circumstances will physical contact be used, nor shall the discipline damage the child’s self-image or cause embarrassment. For a more detailed outline of our specific discipline policy, please refer to page 23 in the Handbook.

Q: Is Bethlehem’s Preschool (3K & 4K) Program included in Bethlehem’s Child Care Program?

A: BLCC and the Preschool Program are two unique programs, but all matters (registration, tuition, field trips, etc.) are all handled through the Child Care office. (See next question for my specifics on how this affects your child care charges.)

Q: My child is enrolled in Bethlehem’s Preschool (3K or 4K) Program. How does that work with your child care program?

A:  We offer “wrap around” care for all of our school programs. Children enrolled in Bethlehem’s Preschool Program can be scheduled for care before and/or after the preschool class. Children in those age groups will be walked as a group to their appropriate class at the appropriate time. Tuition for preschool is in addition to child care charges. If your child is scheduled for a full day of care on a day that he/she will also be attending preschool, you will be charged the full-day rate and then receive a Preschool discount for that day.

Q: My child is enrolled in Bethlehem’s Lutheran Elementary School. Do you offer before and after school care?

A: Yes. School Aged children can be scheduled for before and/or after school care during the school year and for all day care on non-school days and during the summer months.