April 12, 2021

Week 13 Preview

Judges 21:25 In those days there was no king, and everyone did as they saw fit. Judges is a depressing book. What?? I know you may […]
April 6, 2021

Week 12 Preview

1:1 After the death of Moses the servant of the Lord, the Lord said to Joshua son of Nun, Moses’ aide: 2 “Moses my servant is dead. […]
March 31, 2021

Bethlehem Worship Update

Please watch the video below for information on how we as a congregation will proceed in light of the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s ruling on Wisconsin’s statewide […]
March 29, 2021

Week 11 Preview

The following devotion comes from On Giving Advice to God by Daniel Deutschlander and it is my suggestion to read it on Good Friday. God bless […]
March 23, 2021

Week 10 Preview

“These are the words Moses spoke to all Israel in the wilderness east of Jordan…” This week, we begin reading the final book of the Pentateuch […]
March 16, 2021

Nadab and Abihu

Q: I wonder how the two sons were consumed by fire, and yet they remained in their tunics for the cousins to take them out? Why […]
March 16, 2021


Q: How often did they present an offering? And was it either a burnt, grain or peace offering, or were they meant for different things? The […]
March 16, 2021

Parable of the Vineyard

Q: I don’t  quite understand how the parable of the vineyard relates to the Pharisees… This parable is a direct attack on the chief priests and […]
March 16, 2021

Matthew 21:22

Q: Matthew 21:22 says “Whatever you ask for in prayer, as you believe, your will receive.” I believe this was meant for the disciples and not […]