Child Care Calendars and Blank Schedules

Current Month

January CalendarJanuary Blank Schedule

Scheduling for this month is currently closed.

Upcoming Month

February CalendarFebruary Blank Schedule

February Schedules are due back to the office by 6pm on Monday, January 8th, 2018.

Please note: Monthly schedules should only be submitted for children in the preschool child care classrooms and older. All children in the classrooms younger than this should have already submitted a consistent weekly or bi-weekly schedule for the current scheduling period.

Schedule Submittal Form for 11/1/17 to 11/10/17 Open Enrollment Period

Schedule Sumbittal Form

Please note: Schedule Submittal Forms must be completed by children in the Young Infant through Mature Two’s rooms. All children in the older classrooms are required to submit schedules on a month-to-month basis.